Since its founding in 1955, Edifica has participated in the construction of the most important infrastructure projects in Venezuela, including some as diverse and relevant as the Guri Hydroelectric Plant, the Metro de Caracas (Caracas subway system), the Rómulo Betancourt highway and the bauxite management system in Los Pijiguaos.

In this section, we present a summary of the most important sites built by Edifica, which in numbers represents almost seven million cubic meters of concrete and more than seven hundred thousand square feet of construction area.


2006 Construction management of the Boulevard Av. Francisco de Miranda in Chacao, Caracas.
2004 Project management for the Av. Francisco de Miranda, Caracas
1992 The Altamira highway distributor, Caracas.
1990 The Rómulo Betancourt Highway 11 bridges, 11 km
1989 The Prados del Este Highway broadening
1988 The Prados del Este Distributor, Caracas
1982 The Rio Acarigua Bridge, Regional del Centro highway.
1977 The Bridges Caracas - Guarenas Highway
1976 The Av. Rio de Janeiro Distributor, Caracas
1975 The Mérida Viaduct, Carretera Pan-American
1974 The North-South Bridge 13, Caricuao Highway, Caracas
1974 The Paramaconi Bridge, Av. Boyaca, Caracas
1974 The El Guanábano Bridge, Av. Boyaca, Caracas
1970 The Gemelos Bridge, Puerto Ordaz
1968 La Castellana Distributor, Av. Boyaca, Caracas
1966 The Av. Libertador Bridge, Caracas.
1964 The La Restinga Bridge, Margarita Island.

Metro de Caracas

1993 Service Relocation, subway lines 3, El Valle, Caracas.
1989 The La California Subway Station, Caracas.
1987 The Artigas Subway Station, Caracas.
1984 The La Paz Subway Station, Caracas.
1984 The construction of 1.3 Km elevated subway line, Caracas.
1979 The Chacaito Subway Station, Caracas.
1979 The Sabana Grande Subway Station, Caracas.
1978 The Chacaito-Sabana Grande section 1.2 Km underground Subway line, Caracas.


2006 The Multinacional de Seguros Hangar, Caracas Airport
1990 The Centro Marino de Oriente, Puerto La Cruz
1988 The Metallurgy Faculty building UCV, Caracas
1978 The Los Arcos Highschool, Caracas
1977 The Venezuelan Hearing and Language Institute (IVAL) building, Caracas
1976 The Economics Faculty building UCV, Caracas
1971 The International Terminal, Simón Bolivar International Airport
1970 The El Guamache International Harbor, Margarita Island
1968 The General Hospital, Maracay
1966 The UCAB Library, Caracas


1990 The Río Grande channeling, Oriente Highway, Guatire
1986 The Río Guayabal channeling, Guarenas
1985 The Raúl Leoni Hydroelectric Center, Guri
1976 The Río Guaire channeling, Caracas
1974 The Río Pao-Cachinche reservoir, State of Cojedes


2005 Parque Residencial La Hatillana, Caracas.
2003 Terrazas de Los Pomelos buildings, Caracas
2001 Terrazas El Cimarrón building, phase two of the Complejo Turístico Cimarrón, Margarita Island
2000 Terrazas de Cimarrón buildings, phase one of the Complejo Turístico Cimarrón, Margarita Island
1998 Terrazas de Pampatar buildings, Margarita Island
1997 Cimarrón Suites building, Beach & Country Club, phase one of the Complejo Turístico Cimarrón, Margarita Island


1997 The Headquarter building for Corporación CEMEX, Caracas.
1994 The Alfetrapa building, Caracas
1990 The Pequiven building, Caracas
1982 The Venezolana de Televisión building, Caracas
1980 The Hotel Rex, Barquisimeto
1979 The Electricidad de Caracas building
1978 The Seguros La Metropolitana building
1976 The Centro Comercial Zulia (Zulia Mall), Puerto Ordaz
1970 The Centro Comercial Anauco (Anauco Mall), Caracas
1967 The Headquarter building for Banco del Caribe, Caracas
1966 The Mene Grande building, Caracas
1962 The Mavesa building, Caracas
1955 The Inmuebles y Valores building, Caracas


1995 Broadening, relocation and maintenance of the storage system for Crudo Corpoven, State of Anzoategui
1995 Broadening and remodeling of the Alimentos Caterrair Factory, Maiquetía
1994 Broadening of the Cement Plant Consolidada e Cemento, CONCECA, State of Guárico
1994 Storage, administration and factory buildings for Planta de Alcoholes Pralca, State of Zulia
1992 Storage, administration and factory buildings for gas extraction plant ACCRO, State of Monagas
1992 The Bauxite handling system BAUXIVEN, State of Bolivar
1972 The Food factory Alimentos Marriot, Maiquetía
1969 The Hangar DC-10 Viasa, Maiquetía
1965 Broadcasting Plant RCTV, Caracas
1962 The Tobacco Plant Bigott, Valencia
1962 The Ammunition Factory Cavim, Maracay